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Hypericum Oil and Neem Oil (Vaccinium macrocarpon)

Natural wound healers

The combination of Hypericum oil and Neem oil in Fix Wound Spray is suitable for many types of wounds. Doctors use it for deep wounds, and it can also be used at home for minor wounds.

The St John’s Wort plant and the Neem tree are highly valued in traditional medicine for their healing properties. Hypericum oil from the St John’s Wort plant has a long history of use in treating skin. Neem oil and other extracts from the Neem tree have been used in traditional medicine for many different purposes, as early as prehistoric eras.


Today, a combination of these oils in a natural olive oil base is available as an aerosol spray – Fix Wound Spray®. It is used by doctors including wound specialists to treat many types of wound, including deep wounds. Plus it is suitable for self-treatment of minor wounds such as cuts, abrasions and burns.


Discover how this combination of plant oils works, and the key studies that support its benefits in wound healing.

Hypericum oil and Neem oil in history

Hypericum oil (Oleum hyperici) has a long tradition as a topical treatment for wounds and burns.6 It is produced by processing fresh or dried flowers from the St John’s Wort plant (Hypericum perforatum) with vegetable oil such as olive oil. While St John’s Wort extracts are also used in natural remedies for depression, the Hypericum oil used in Fix Wound Spray is not the same extract as that used for depression.1

Neem oil (Oleum azadirachtae) used in Fix Wound Spray is produced by cold pressing the seeds and fruit of the Neem tree (Azadirachta indica), which commonly grows throughout India and Pakistan.7 Extracts from the Neem tree have played a role in traditional medicine as far back as prehistoric eras, including more than 4500 years of use in the Indian subcontinent.7 Its flowers have been used for bile disorders, its leaves have been used in ulcer management, and its bark has had a role in treating disorders of the nervous system.7 Because of its many important roles in traditional medicine, with all its parts used for various extractions and treatments, it is considered holy in India and sometimes referred to as the ‘Sacred Tree’.1,7

Hypericum oil and Neem oil in history

The specific extracts that SFI Health uses to make Fix Wound Spray

Fix Wound Spray is a natural formulation that is made with 2 key ingredients – Oleum hyperici (Hypericum oil) and Oleum azadirachtae (Neem oil) – which are traditional wound healing remedies. As well as theses oils, Fix Wound Spray contains oleum olivarum (olive oil), which acts as the ‘base’ or ‘carrier’ oil – this simply means that the olive oil dilutes the Hypericum and Neem oils so that they are at a suitable concentration for applying to wounds on the skin.

Fix Wound Spray also contains propane and butane – gases that help create an aerosol, so that the oil mixture can be applied as a spray. They are chosen because they have low toxicity and they don’t contribute to depletion of the ozone layer, so they help keep the formulation as natural as possible.


Warning: Please see the flammable warning and follow instructions for disposal of cannister when empty.

The specific extracts that SFI Health uses to make Fix Wound Spray

How Fix Wound Spray works

Fix Wound Spray is thought to assist healing with a broad range of therapeutic actions. These actions are brought about by the oil film that the spray creates, both on and around wounds, and the fatty acids that the spray contains.1,3

1. Maintaining a moist healing environment

The oil film created by the spray provides a beneficial moist environment that promotes healing, and also stops wounds and surrounding tissue from drying out. 1,3 The moisture provided is also thought to prevent damage to newly growing tissue.1 Also, the oil film is semi-occlusive, meaning that it allows free movement of moisture and materials that the body uses to heal wounds (substances called growth factor and cytokines). These actions are thought to help reduce healing time.1,3


2. Preventing infection

Fix Wound Spray has high concentrations of unsaturated fatty acids – natural substances that contribute to a gentle form of anti-microbial action.3 Plus the oil film created by the spray helps to keep wounds clean and free from infection, but without harming the body’s cells that are responsible for the healing process.3


3. Potentially preventing scars

Fix Wound Spray may help with the scarring process because of the fatty acids that it contains.8 These are thought to work by affecting the organization of collagen and dampening inflammatory processes. 8 The benefit of this is that scars can potentially be prevented to some extent, instead of being treated after they have already appeared.2,8


4. Creating a protective barrier that results in less pain

The oil film created by the spray helps to prevent dressings, such as bandages and plasters, from sticking to wounds and the surrounding tissue.1 This makes dressing changes simpler and less painful.1,4,5 It also prevents newly growing tissue from becoming damaged during dressing changes.1

How Fix Wound Spray works

Fix Wound Spray in clinical studies

Fix Wound Spray has been tested extensively, and its positive effects have been published in 5 clinical research papers.1-5

Lauchli 2012 1

105 patients with acute and chronic wounds* 54% of patients had


than expected by wound specialists:

  • Fastest in patients with surgical wounds and bed sores
    Dressing did not stick to wound in 91% of cases
    Reduced pain

*Patients treated with Fix Wound Spray for wounds including surgical wounds, bed sores, ulcers and traumatic injuries

Lauchli 2014 2,3

15 patients with deep scalp wounds involving exposed bone* 8 weeks until


on average:

  • Exposed bone covered within 4 weeks for most patients
    No severe pain
    No infections

*Patients treated with Fix Wound Spray once daily after skin tumour removal and unsuccessful skin grafts

Mainetti 2013 4

9 children with mixed, partial or full thickness burns* 17 days until


on average:

  • No further treatment needed for most patients
    No side effects
    No infections

*Children treated with saline cleansing and Fix Wound Spray once daily

Eggenberger 2012 5

14 nursing home patients with chronic wounds* 8 minutes for staff to perform


on average:

  • Reduced need for wound cleansing
    Lower chance that dressing will stick to wound
    No side effects

*7 patients treated with Fix Wound Spray once daily vs 7 patients treated with standard wound care regimen

SFI Health Difference

Fix Wound Spray


Many topical products and advanced types of dressings are used to treat and protect wounds, ranging from various creams and powders to specialised dressings such as silicon gauze. However, Fix Wound Spray is the only wound care product that contains a combination of Hypericum oil and Neem oil – natural remedies used for wound healing in traditional medicine – in an aerosol spray.


But it doesn’t end there. Unlike many products based on traditional remedies, Fix Wound Spray has been clinically researched and shown to be beneficial in wound healing. It has been studied in patients with a wide variety of wounds – ranging from deep wounds due to surgery through to burns, ulcers and bed sores.1-5 That’s the SFI Health difference.


Well tolerated


Fix Wound Spray has been found to be well tolerated, with no serious adverse events reported. A small number of cases of allergic reaction have been reported after use of the spray, but these only occurred in people who had multiple allergies.1

Hypericum oil and Neem oil: A Summary


Support the use of combined Hypericum oil and Neem oil spray in a wide variety of wounds1-5


Ranging from deep wounds due to surgery through to burns, ulcers and bed sores1-5


Protects against infection and damage during healing, provides a moist healing environment, and may reduce scarring1,2,3,8


Since 2011, the Fix Wound Spray formula has been used in hospitals, by doctors and other healthcare professionals1-5

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