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Discover what makes us different to other natural healthcare products.

Quality & Consistency

Quality & Consistency

batch-to-batch, year after year

We apply the same standards to our production process as you’d expect from a pharmaceutical medicine. Our strict processes at each stage, help ensure every batch is consistent with the next - and with the natural medicine tested in the clinical trials.

Clinically researched

Clinically researched

to provide the desired health benefits

Only products that have clinical evidence to back them are included in the SFI Health range. The clinical research is performed on the same natural medicine that we put on the shelves – giving you the greatest confidence about their reliability.

Expertise & passion

Expertise & passion

to deliver excellence & precision

We have spent years understanding patient needs and researching high quality products. It’s the SFI Health passion and dedication that allows us to deliver premium quality natural healthcare products that healthcare professionals and consumers can confidently trust.

From Source to Patient

The science behind growing, harvesting and processing our products is what sets them apart.

In the making of a SFI Health natural medicine that you see on shelves, careful attention is given to the plant species and growing methods, through to their cultivation and harvest, and the extraction and manufacture of the specific active ingredients. This helps ensure each batch of our products contains a consistent amount of their active ingredients, and can deliver the same results as tested in clinical trials to produce natural medicines that you can have confidence in.  

The source to patient journey

Our ingredients

Sourced from nature, backed by clinical trials.

The species of plant selected and the way it’s grown, harvested and extracted can affect the quality of the natural medicine. Not only can this vary between different products using seemingly the same ingredient, but can even occur within batches of the same product.

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Interested in the evidence behind our products?

In the SFI Health range, clinical research is performed on the same specific natural medicine that we put on shelves. Learn more about the scientific and clinical evidence that backs our products.

Join our family

SFI Health is committed to demonstrating precision, excellence and passion in everything we do. And that’s what we look for in our team members

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SFI Health is proud to be part of the SFI Health family of brands, which together represent an unwavering commitment to quality, driven by a passion for applying science to nature. With quality, credibility and reliability at its heart, SFI Health’s vision is to be the trusted global leader in developing & delivering human microbiome and cognitive natural solutions that enable people to make informed health choices confidently.

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