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Exploring The Pregnancy Journey with Mumomega

Exploring The Pregnancy Journey with Mumomega

With every pregnancy, a new Mother is born

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Equazen Mumomega® is a unique supplement of combined Omega-3 (EPA and DHA) & Omega-6 (GLA and ARA) long chain essential fatty acids and is part of the Equazen® range.

These fatty acids - especially DHA - are needed during pregnancy and lactation to support a healthy brain and eye development in the foetus and the breastfed infant. The central nervous system and retina are enriched with DHA, which represents an important source for brain growth since the early stages of pregnancy. DHA can be obtained only via maternal cord thus the importance of a correct diet during pregnancy.

The clinical trial conducted at the Chelsea & Westminster Hospital London, UK, and published on the scientific journal “Prostaglandins Leukot Essent Fatty Acids ( PLEFA 138 (2018) 6-13)”, proved that infants born from mothers who took Equazen Mumomega® during pregnancy had larger head circumference and were longer at birth, potentially implying a better developed and resilient brain.


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