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Providing the Omega-3s to support a healthy heart.


Omega-3 fatty acids that should be an essential part of your diet to help protect your heart. The best source of Omega-3s is fish, but if you aren’t consuming enough fish, you may not be receiving the benefits that they offer. If you suspect you aren’t getting a hearty fix of fish, you may want to consider supplementing your diet.

cardiozen® is a concentrated source of Omega-3 fatty acids to help protect your heart health.

Cardiozen® has been shown to help by:

Improving endothelial function

Improving endothelial function

Protects the strength of the walls of your blood vessels

Helping to regulate anticoagulation  activity

Helping to regulate anticoagulation activity

May help prevent unwanted coagulation.

Lowering triglyceride levels

Lowering triglyceride levels

Triglycerides are a type of fat found in your blood that is stored in your fat cells if not used immediately.

Research & Evidence

Cardiozen®: Key Ingredients

Cardiozen is a concentrated source of EPA - an Omega-3 fatty acid that may help play an anti-inflammatory role that affects a variety of body functions, including maintenance of a normal healthy heart.3

Cardiozen also contains Coenzyme Q10 (CoQ10), which may play an important role in the production of energy in the heart’s tissue. CoQ10 is also a potent antioxidant, that may help protect cells from free radicals that can become potentially harmful.4

More on essential fatty acids

Food for thought: Adding Cardiozen will supplement the Omega-3s you need to support a healthy heart.

What makes Cardiozen® different?

Cardiozen contains only high-quality ingredients. Our oil comes from sustainable fish sources such as sardines and anchovies from the Southern Pacific and Morocco sea. These fish are known to have a naturally high level of EPA.

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Using Cardiozen®

Recommended dosage & directions

cardiozen®: Suitable for adults

Dose: One capsule daily.
Always read the label and follow the instructions for use.

cardiozen® is well tolerated.
Equazen® gelatine used in the clear capsules is certified halal.

Active ingredient
Essential fatty acids (EPA, DHA & GLA)

Each capsule contains:

EPA (eicosapentaenoic acid) 375mg
DHA (docosahexaenoic acid)  45mg
Coenzyme Q10 (mg) 10mg

Packaging and product claims may vary depending on country-specific regulations. Products available in selected markets only.



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